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First Visit

At West Georgia Dental Centre, we want you to feel welcome from the moment you arrive.

We will provide you with an excellent experience and change how you see dentistry. All of our team members are caring and help provide an overall exceptional patient experience from beginning to end.

When you arrive

You will be greeted by our team members. They will make sure that you feel comfortable and help you fill out the appropriate forms for the dentist to review on your first visit.


Dr. Eom likes to take a more slow and personal approach to his treatment planning. Having suffered from extreme dental phobia himself, Dr. Eom knows the importance of building rapport and trust before beginning the exam. He usually starts with a short patient interview where he tries to obtain information to help guide and improve your oral health.

If there are any issues or problems inside the mouth, Dr. Eom feels that it is important to know how those problems occurred so that he can give you the appropriate advice to minimize them from happening again. As well, if Dr Eom hears some information that he believes may lead to some problems, he will again give you the appropriate advice so that you do not run into any problems. As per his motto, Dr. Eom is always happy to fix what he sees inside the mouth, but also wants to equip his patients with enough information so that they can take their oral health into their own control.

Once Dr. Eom gets to you know you a little better, he will then begin an extensive evaluation of your oral health combining the information you provided him during your chat, digital x-rays, and a clinical exam of your head and neck area. He will then put together a comprehensive treatment plan and address any questions that you may have for him.


The dental visit does not end just there. Dr. Eom recognizes that questions or concerns may arise after any dental visit and is always happy to assist patients over email or phone. Our team is also always present to help as well.

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